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  1. Data Sources
    from Dr. Philip Seagraves

    As a follow up to his presentation at the 2019 MTAR Membership Meeting and Luncheon, Dr. Seagraves has provided information from the presentation.

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Window to the Law:
Flood Insurance & Disclosures: What You Need to Know Now

Flood-related disclosures can generate a deluge of legal and ethical questions. What needs to be disclosed? How should you advise your sellers? What should you tell buyers about flood risk and flood insurance? NAR Associate Counsel Deanne Rymarowicz answers these questions and more in this month’s Window to the Law video.

Click Here for Transcript
A Message From Greg Myers
2019 MTAR President
Greg Myers, 2019 MTAR President, recaps the 2019 Leadership Training Program and why you should look forward to attending next year!