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What Is An
Association of REALTORS
An Association of REALTORS® exists to provide a central locale intended to effect and mold the real estate industry. The Associaton strives to be the leader in the right to use, own, and transfer real estate propery. The Association is the basis for creating standards for the most adequate and ethical business practices for the industry. It serves as the pinnacle of success for real estate professionals.

An Association of REALTORS® is a facility in which professionals in the industry can expand their knowledge through education, discover and exchange information within its members, and broaden their horizons through networking.

Association Members include:
REALTORS® - Agents and Brokers
Affiliates - Community business sponsors and representatives

MTAR's Mission Statement

The mission of MTAR is to unite those engaged in the real estate profession by promoting the value and necessity of using a REALTOR® in all transactions. To accomplish this, MTAR encourages our members to maintain the highest standards of conduct, and to stay current on local market information, news, and trends that affect the real estate industy.